365 Project #16–Concrete

This photo actually had some interesting color in it but upon experimentation in development it seemed more potent an image without the moss 🙂

I was holding a 35lb 16 month old in my left arm and shooting one handed. This striking composition caught my attention as I walked up the stairs.

365 Project #15-Glass Interplay

Out of several photos in the evening this ended up being my favorite. And I almost didn’t shoot it. Goes to show a) having your camera with you and b) taking the shot if your gut says do it are both worth while actions.

Hand held with relatively tight depth of field means the bars in the foreground are a little out of focus. For me this ads depth and complexity to the image. In fact I had looked at this scene earlier and wasn’t that happy with what I saw until I stood back, which then brought those other bars into the shot.

Occlusions or additions? What do you think?

365 Project #7–Wired

My home office was a mess of wires, it’s not normally. What a perfect opportunity for exploring their photographic qualities. This was about the seventh attempt at composition, and yes I did move the wires about a little bit. The color was distracting from the shapes so I removed it. Red sofa, blue, grey wires. Green and yellow jacks. This worked much better in B&W.