A potent and sad little story about a whale

I saw this come across Facebook today. It is one of the most compressed yet still potent and emotionally moving stories I’ve read in some time. Working in marketing something we are always trying to do is distill things down to their essence. When we do this it’s easy to become generic and bland, unfortunately missing that elusive essence. That story that is told over and over again. This story has data, emotion, character and a sense of place. Even a sense of dialog even though it’s a whale.

As marketers we can all learn a great deal from such stories.

No idea who deserves credit for this but thank you none the less.


Man vs. Nature #365Project

This week saw an interesting blend of architecture (man… humans) versus the animals of mother nature, in action, doing what they do.

I’m feeling some saturation over the past week, so it would seem.




And almost a week ago, the following which shows man imposing his will on nature, in process.