Autumn & Photos

As the weather has continued to take a turn for the worse as the light fades and there are less opportunities for walks in the evenings the universe still provides plenty of opportunities to frame a segment of both space and time.

This week was the launch party of the photographers@Microsoft Vol. 3 book “Inspire” of which I mentioned before I’m a proud contributor. It’s really an honor to be along side so many other great photographers. Funnily enough as I browsed the photos I recognized a photo “hey, that’s min too”, almost… I had taken almost exactly the same shot of the Seattle Skyline. I’m pretty sure I did it before the photog in the book did and wonder if there was any cross pollination of ideas. To be fair it was a shot that one could easily make one very similarly. No disrespect to the photog but I prefer my framing, color balance and exposure better. Here’s mine.

I upgraded my watermark this week – to add a bit more artistic flair, my signature. What do you think?

Here’s one of my daily photos from the past week… a self portrait, of sorts.

Man vs. Nature #365Project

This week saw an interesting blend of architecture (man… humans) versus the animals of mother nature, in action, doing what they do.

I’m feeling some saturation over the past week, so it would seem.




And almost a week ago, the following which shows man imposing his will on nature, in process.

Spring sprouts against cold industrials #365Project

Spring is starting to poke it’s head out, which means the Macro is coming out more and more. I’ve got some work to do to get something I really am passionate about – although I like this weeks efforts.

I can’t claim it was planned; the past eight days have had a blend of early stormy spring pictures juxtaposed with cold hard metals and hard shadows.

Then there is the PC error that almost eerily seemed to predict the horror that has unfolded in Japan this week (my heart goes out to all affected.





Pure Perspective

This photo is of my son at about four months of age. I did some very modest development with Lightroom and Nik’s Viveza to make it ‘pop’ a bit more (see a note on digital darkroom development after the photo).

This photo was published the Photographers@Microsoft Volume 2, book after the jump here and helped raise money for the United Way Giving Campaign of King Country.

Development & the digital “Dark Room”: I shoot  [mostly in Manual] in 100% RAW and work on the undeveloped images in Lightroom to come up with the final product for all of my photos (Except the occasional phone camera/point and shoot). This means I’m working with as much light information as the camera can capture rather than compressing it down into JPEG in camera and loosing much of the dynamic range of info the sensor captures.

RAW is like the ‘negative’ from film days. So when I looked at this photo straight out of the camera I immediately identified there was some opportunity to make it ‘pop’ a little more. The final product is what you see above.