Dailies and Lightroom 4

I’ve not been too happy with my camera phone performance these past several days, by in large… But it’s certainly providing good feedback. Low tech tools. Funny, I never thought I’d be referring to the convergence of photography and telecommunications and computing and the internet as low tech.

Then I also noticed Lightroom 4 is in beta – woohoo! Exciting stuff! Amazed it took me this long to notice… it’s been a busy few weeks I guess.

Here’s one of my recent photos that I’ve been happier with.

Two weeks of #365Project and some workflow notes

It’s been a busy, hectic two weeks of life and photography. So I’m finally caught up. Oh snap, and despite publishing ten days of 365 Project  two weeks ago I didn’t blog about it. So if this blog is your main entry point you have twenty four new works of art to view.

Link to the latest 365 pics.

I’ll work to get back to a ‘few days at a time’ publishing cycle now, I promise.

Below you can see my Lightroom view as I went to upload the latest batch of 365 Project photos. I also share some insight into my work flow and how I have my PC set up. For those photogs out there I hope it’s of some use Smile click to see it bigger.

Some Workflow Notes

365 Project #8-Consideration

The problem with going out for a photo walk when you are doing a 365 Project is you don’t want to ‘use up’ all the good subjects on that one day. “Snap!” I thought to myself. “This is interesting.” I continued. Realizing that even 8 days into my 365 project I was forced to be more considerate with what I shot. More thoughtful, more focused on the composition.

Then I continued “Well if I see something that gives me a good idea for a photo, so be it. I may never come back to this particular spot and I’ll make the most of it.” And I did, retaining my focus on trying to get great photos and not just allot of photos.

Great’? I like it. You might not. Let me know your thoughts. Can you guess what it is?

365 Project #7–Wired

My home office was a mess of wires, it’s not normally. What a perfect opportunity for exploring their photographic qualities. This was about the seventh attempt at composition, and yes I did move the wires about a little bit. The color was distracting from the shapes so I removed it. Red sofa, blue, grey wires. Green and yellow jacks. This worked much better in B&W.

Kicking off a 365 Project

The plan: Take a photo every day. Explore the world around me, even the mundane and work to extend and expand my view of the world, and of photography. To create.

Yikes! Here’s hoping I manage to make a photo every day.

I’m not super happy with January the 1st’s effort, I spent some time developing it and did a little bit of cropping. It’s rather grown on me.