Cloudscape at Lotus F1 Team HQ

I took the frames for this photo outside of the Lotus F1 Team HQ in Oxfordshire after a day long meeting I was running there. I was in fact in the middle of a conversation with a colleague when I realized what an epic view was behind him. I really love this view. It’s actually three exposures blended with some gentle touch up in Lightroom. I was on a mission to make something both realistic and painterly like. I think I established that I love it. What do you think?

Storm Front

Just a little quick and dirty HDR that I threw together last night. Taken in Suncadia, near Cle Ellum Washington. The HDR (Photomatix) was necessary to pull out the foreground whilst retaining the detail in the clouds. Final touch up happened in Lightroom. Its was a beautiful and epic scene. A nice warm day which broke to threatening storms in the distance. There was a breeze in the fresh mountain air, but it wasn’t cold.

I ended up completing the 365 Project uploads last night and this one holds the enviable spot for that day, which had allot of photos made on it.

Click the pic to see it in it’s full glory.

Landscape Panorama for #365 Project

Life seems to have been inordinately busy of late. There was a close call a few weeks back on the 365 Project – but I’ve managed to persevere. It’s funny how there will be a terrible desperation shot one day then the next you are off on Whidbey Island in the San Juans for a weekend and you take so many pictures it’s almost painful to choose just one.

A photo I’m sharing below is from Sunday and is a panorama at Green Lake in Seattle. This popular waling trail ~3 miles around is just packed on beautiful days. We beat the crowds by going early and the broken clouds provided some beautiful views. Here’s what it looked like to me:

(Click on it to see it bigger, and take a look at a few other photos in the gallery whilst you are at it Smile)