Breaking news facebook photo approach and look?

I just discovered something interesting on facebook – looks like a new way of viewing photos on the platform. I know MZ said FB was never intended for photos, but it is used for that… allot.

I saw the below look on someone else’s photos – tried my own photos (below) and it was the old style. I clicked back and forwards in my browser and boom. New look. Here it is. Wonder if it’s rolled out platform wide yet.

Are you seeing photos displayed like this?

Update: I just saw this article confirms my suspicions.


facebook friends & family day–Feb 25th

Make the most out of your friendships and connections of facebook. Due to recent facebook changes you are not currently seeing all your friend’s updates. This simple tip will help you reconnect with more of your friends. So grab some time (60 seconds) and reinforce those relationships.

WHAT’s WRONG: Have you noticed that you are only seeing updates in your newsfeed from the same people lately? Have you also noticed that when you …post things like status messages, photos and links, the same circle of people are commenting and every……one else seems to be ignoring you? Don’t worry, everyone still loves you and nobody has intentionally blocked you. The problem is that a large chunk of your friend/fan list can’t see anything you post and here’s why:

The “New Facebook” has a newsfeed setting that by default is automatically set to show ONLY posts from people who you’ve recently interacted with or interacted the most with (which would be limited to the couple of weeks just before people started switching to the new profile). So in other words, for both business and personal pages, unless your friends/fans commented on one of your posts within those few weeks or vice versa – you are now invisible to them and they are invisible to you!!

HERE’S THE FIX: Scroll down to the bottom of the newsfeed on the homepage and click on “Edit Options”, click on “Show Posts From” and change the setting to “All Of Your Friends and Pages” Note: This is the fix for personal pages but I am unsure of whether or not the business pages are set up the same way.
I hope you find this useful and thank you to @Kellie Mairs for passing along the tip

More photos please

I’m such a perfectionist. Waiting so long to publish my photos. The weight of processing builds up and with an active job, life and family something so ‘big’ can be a daunting task.

So I decided to break it up. I’ll still reserve what I consider to be my best work for my portfolio over on however in the mean time I plan on publishing more regularly on Facebook right over here.

Here’s something nice to get us started….