365 Project #21-Sick Rotor

I was sick Friday. This is all I could manage. I was lying on the sofa looking for what my shot would be, and I found it. Went and got the camera, took it then proceeded to continue dying  (metaphorically speaking of course as I’d not be posting this if that had concluded).

I gave this a “color wash” (that’s not the real name but I forget) in Color Efex Pro that helped bring out the mood I was in.

This was shot @ 6400 ISO, I love the Canon 5D MKII


Kicking off a 365 Project

The plan: Take a photo every day. Explore the world around me, even the mundane and work to extend and expand my view of the world, and of photography. To create.

Yikes! Here’s hoping I manage to make a photo every day.

I’m not super happy with January the 1st’s effort, I spent some time developing it and did a little bit of cropping. It’s rather grown on me.

Breaking with Convention

Traditional western photography teaches us to appeal to our cultures left to right sensitivities in our composition. We do this by encouraging the eye into the photo where it is captured by something pleasing. We then work to keep the viewer in the photo, moving around it, pondering it.

I do love breaking with convention. Here our model is instantly blocking our eyes journey into the photo. Not only that she’s looking back off out to our left, encouraging us to go back to where we came from. Does the negative space somehow balance this out, forcing us to get lost in her gaze?

I’ll let you be the judge, and see if you like it as much as I do.

Up close

I love getting pictures of children’s faces and expression up close. Finding a rare moment of tranquility in the frothing buzzing energy of a toddler can reveal a rare and peaceful glimpse into their personality.