Spring sprouts against cold industrials #365Project

Spring is starting to poke it’s head out, which means the Macro is coming out more and more. I’ve got some work to do to get something I really am passionate about – although I like this weeks efforts.

I can’t claim it was planned; the past eight days have had a blend of early stormy spring pictures juxtaposed with cold hard metals and hard shadows.

Then there is the PC error that almost eerily seemed to predict the horror that has unfolded in Japan this week (my heart goes out to all affected.






365P #35-In from the cold

One of those images that I simultaneously both love and hate. I love the geometry, the layer reflections, the splash of color, the fact there is a human element and a narrative. But there is something about it that my eye finds disturbing. Something breaks the visual experience for me. Yet still I feel compelled to choose this over others for today.

365 Project #23-In Summary

This photo is representative of our weekend. As I climbed out of the sickness my wife was taken down, it hit her much harder. We enjoyed an ER visit, me from 11pm-4am with my better half being so badly off she was in until 3pm the next day.

Some times you just have to shoot what you know, and this weekend we knew nausea.

I experimented with this shot and focus and decided the word ‘nausea’ being out of focus was much more representative of the general feeling in our family at the time of shooting.