About Matthew Woodget

I’ve always been a storyteller. And understood its power. But a series of failures led me to discover a passion for marketing and communications. My failures ranged from astronomy to engineering to programming. I’ve always loved technology and worked in high-tech. And worked in it as soon as Intel would hire me as a student in 1997 to when I left Microsoft in 2016. In 2012 Microsoft Dynamics recruited me to be Chief Storyteller. I discovered how hard storytelling is even for the most competent business people. Hollywood and the Hero’s Journey don’t cut it. So, in 2017 I formed Go Narrative to help.

Our motto? Every company has a story. Let us clarify yours.

Fun fact: in April of 1986, I started keeping a diary (aka a journal). My first entry was that I played “Snipes.” An ASCII-based MS-DOS game. The PC was a Leading Edge 8088. In January of 1990, I read ‘The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13 & 3/4‘. I was hooked. “I can do this!” And in February of 1990, I started a daily handwritten diary. I continue it to this day. Here’s what that looks like.

In 1990 I started out on a day a page. Then in 2005 went freeform. In 2008 I settled on Moleskein and Fisher Space Pen. And in 2021, I switched to Rhodia notebooks and Pilot G-2 0.38mm.

I’ve written two sci-fi novels. Both are still in need of editing love. Career and Family, ya know? My mother once said, “You may not be a published author, yet, but you are a writer. You write every single day. Not many people can say that.” I miss you, mum.

I also love photography… Fluid Pixel Productions | Photography by Matthew Woodget. Fine Art, Landscape, Portrait, and Available Light Photography.

To Contact Matthew see the top of the home page @ www.fluidpixel.com

An example of one of my favorite photos : View it and read about it here

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