5 Recommendations on Marketing Innovation

What happened to June? OK this is June’s posting a bit late Smile

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  1. Creativity Article by PBS – Creativity isn’t all about painting, music or "the arts"! This is a detailed read but worth it. Resources to help you better understand many of the facets of creativity and how to better apply it to your life
  2. Be an entrepreneur without quitting your job – This is a great article on our ability to apply an entrepreneurial mindset within the companies or corporations we work within. Which can be very rewarding!
  3. The C-Suite needs a chief entrepreneur – Love this concept. For companies to continue to innovate and grow they must have a growth mindset. What better way than to have someone at the top who is helping land that culture and mission?
  4. How IoT will help marketing – Nice article on how IoT can help with the aspects of identity and thus help marketers in the brave new world we are entering.
  5. Stop using marketing personas, use stories, use characters – this article breaks down the reasons for the problem with using personas. An affect that can cause problems across your organization as people try fill in the missing story gaps.

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