5 Recommendations on Marketing Innovation

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  1. Want to Be A Better Marketer? Act Like A Startup Founder – I can’t recommend this article enough. Being able to pivot, be flexible and try new things is critical. Imagination is the most important form of intelligence for marketers. Those and other traits happen to be akin to the traits of Startup Founders.
  2. How to target influencers on Twitter… and get them to share your content! – The importance of twitter continues to grow. So how can you make the most of it. This article is critical for startups and an invaluable resource for corporate marketers
  3. 10 ways our data overlords could serve us better – Marketing your business increasingly relies on data. I loved this article because of what it means not just for new business models but also for the opportunities for marketers to make the most of the sea of data we are now swimming in.
  4. Fitbit, Smartphones, and an Integrated Work Environment – Innovation is as much about how you approach work as what you do when you work. In this article friend and colleague Jeremy Epstein SMO of Sprinklr shares some ideas on how to literally get away from your desk whilst still staying productive.
  5. The Corporate Storytelling series on LinkedIn by Kevin Susman and myself In 4 parts

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