Two Must Reads on tapping into your creative side

This topic is so important. In our high tech, high paced, high demand world it’s easy to miss out on the approaches you can take to bring creativity into your life. This is important because creativity isn’t just about artistic past times like painting or photography it is the living breathing heart of human ingenuity.

In this article 12 things you were not taught in school about creativity smashes some of the propaganda and assumptions that plague creativity and how it is viewed in the workplace. I’m not sure what did it, the industrial revolution creating an over bearing sense of rational rules all or if was something else. Whatever it was, and for the longest time, many of those in the west have by in large assumed creativity is something separate to industrious productivity. It’s simply not true. “12 things” will help you retune your brain.

And in this MIT Technology review you will gain epic perspective on how to unleash your creativity by none other than Issac Assimov himself. Scientist, prolific author inventor of the concept of Androids (i.e. I, Robot) lays out some ground rules to tap into and harness both your creativity and that of the people you work on. It was actually a DARPA paper. How about that!


2 thoughts on “Two Must Reads on tapping into your creative side

  1. I wish public schools would focus more on creativity. Here in Kentucky, there’s a special middle and high school that really focuses on arts education and creative courses. When it comes to testing at the end of the year, the school always ranked at the very top. I think it was even 1st and 2nd these last few years.

    A study was done too where creativity in schools made – obviously – more creative adults. So they were able to think outside the box.

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