What’s your vision?

In some ways this is a follow up to the last post. They are certainly related. There we talked about the importance of making a decision to enable you to lock onto something and go after it. The thing is you need to see that thing, to do so you must have vision.

Vision serves as a guiding light. It illuminates your thoughts and gives meaning to your efforts. It is also a yardstick by which you measure the worth and priority of other thoughts. How can you prioritize when you don’t know what is more important than another? Practically speaking I tackle this by having "projects" (even smaller ones) that I know I need to get done and then use these as a filter to allow specific behavior through.

In other terms there is the old Shakespearian proverb "the truth will out". You can’t hide who you truly are, or what you think. You bleed out of you as if a broken sieve. On the receiving end have you met people who just oozed with a certain vibe, positive or negative? If you don’t have a vision and simply allow the whim of the day to guide you then this will become a self-fulfilling prophecy, a lack of focus will prevent you from attaining focus. What the….?

To take us on a bit of a side journey, albeit an important one. If you find yourself in conflict with another person and you must work with this person then be warned. The truth will out. You will expose yourself and your intentions. Except for the most masterful or Machiavellian amongst us (no, that’s probably not you or I for that matter) we can’t hide a devious strategy. Try be devious and it will come out. Bitter, yup they will taste it. Frustrated? Your intonation will rise and you will cut people of. You will expose yourself. Especially over time, it’s inevitable.

In this side journey its possible to see how vision can play a key role. When you need to work with "that" person how can you find a true ‘win-win’, a reason to commit, something to get behind. Keep coming back to that. Find the silver lining. Make it positive, beneficial to you both. What you will discover is that the truth will out. If you want to dig deeper into this I can recommend a powerful and moving book, As Man Thinketh, James Allen talks about thoughts being seeds that you sow in your mind. Positive or negative they will grow and flourish. "Every action and feeling is preceded by a thought."

Likewise if you are working on a project and have a clear vision and thus a purpose others will see it, feel it. The fact such an apex exists means people will be able to latch onto it, to navigate by it and to join you for the ride. Especially if you are working to find the essence of win-win in all relationships.

I’ll leave you with two platitudes that I respect allot; go fast and go alone, go together and go far. Secondly; you will get further in life with honey than with vinegar. Both of which speak to having a vision, and making it real through partnerships.

What is your vision? It could be for a project. Your career. A story. A work of art that you are creating. A business idea. I’d love to hear from you.


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