“In silence, you find time to remember who you really are” via @getstoried

I’d set some time aside to carve through that list of things I “want to get to”. Important things to know, learn, process. Business models, customer information…

One of the things I had put aside was an email newsletter from Michael Margolis called “The Sound of Silence”.

Have you ever felt frazzled? Like there are too many emails, social feeds, too much input, too much to process, too much to learn?

Michael is an excellent storyteller so no surprise he tells a compelling story about this impact of operating at 120% for too long on his health and ability to get anything done.

Read Michael’s thoughts on all of this and the art, and power of saying “no”.

Here is a nice excerpt, and here is the full article.

When any choice comes up, ask yourself: Do I have 5 reasons for saying yes? List them.

Part of the trick about this exercise is asking yourself why again and again.

  • Why do I want to do this (whatever this is)?
  • Am I attracted or repelled? Is this a clear YES, or is there hesitancy?
  • Where is the synergy or leverage in saying YES?
  • How do I belong in this story? Why do I want to be part of this story?
  • Is this something I would be proud to share with others?

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