Halfway through the year

Crikey, that was quite the update. Although I’m not quite up-to-date I thought I’d go ahead and post about this latest upload as it nicely marks the midpoint through 2012 and marks June 7th through July 1.

It’s a big one, for two key reasons 1) It’s the first update since our second son was born 2) It’s, well… allot of photos all at once.

As I stated at the beginning of the 2012 project my plan was to use my camera phone more. Alleviating the burden of feeling the need to carry a DSLR everywhere, every day, as I did in 2011. Packing that kind of photographic punch is a great experience and helps you ride the learning curve like nothing else.

That being said I’m frequently impressed by the camera phone’s capability. It really is a test in composition and lighting. The occasional filter doesn’t hurt and of course you’ll not be doing large prints of them. It’s no Canon 5D MKII + 50mm 1.2L for control, quality or artistic leverage – and no I’m not just saying that because of the price delta between the two. Amount, size and quality of glass and sensor do make a difference.

On another note; I’m still waiting on an app to be able to upload to SmugMug from my Windows Phone, so I’m not attaining my prior aspiration of uploading daily.

Either way here’s the little guy taken with my Samsung Focus phone;


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