My $0.02 on the Pinterest debate

My very quick high level thinking on this debate is as follows, BTW I don’t use Pinterest – not sure if I will. Seems like a cool enough concept;

  1. Content curating is an evolution of how we get and access information, this has to be resolved somehow as it’s key to the webs development.
  2. No one should be making money directly or indirectly of “my copyrighted works” e.g. if Pinterest are benefiting from all this curated content because of…. you go it OUR hard work, then they shouldn’t be making money unless we get a cut.
  3. #2 is separate to the ‘Pinterest making money off click throughs e.g. to Amazon because it provides a free service to their users.’ Fine, but what about the material those users use to create that economy? Where are the demarcations?
  4. In theory I’m OK with my photography being pinned in low resolution as long as viewing it takes it back to my site.


That’s it for now, I’ll continue noodling on the subject.

These thoughts came after reading this blog.


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