Charitable photography mission–one step closer…

I am very excited to be able to post an update on this story, where I’ve been trying to track down a model release signature for a photo I took in Mexico almost two years ago so that I can enter it into a photo book to help raise money for charity.

Like I said, I’m excited, really excited.

So the package was returned. Seems you have to be very accurate with your addressing of items to Mexico. I did some further research, altered the address and resent the package. That was about three weeks ago.

Today I received an email. More after the photo….

A friend of the family of the girl (Let’s call her J) in the photo reached out! They wanted to clarify, get a little bit more information on what my plan for J’s photo was was. They, acting on behalf of the family, shared a photo of J and her family. Confirming the connection.

I recapped and provided a little more detail on the project;

I would like to submit the photo to be considered for entry into a competition to be placed in a Photo Book created by the Photographers at Microsoft which is sold to raise money for charity. I work for Microsoft in Seattle and am also an amateur photographer. Each year the photographers at Microsoft work together to create a beautiful book of photos. We have a competition where photographers submit 3 photos. There is a judging committee who select what they consider the best photos. Then these photos go into the book. We then sell the book to raise money for the Microsoft Giving Campaign charity effort. In 2011 we raised over $100,000 for the Giving Campaign and contributed to the biggest year in employee giving so far. Microsoft matches the funds raised by employees.

I explained how whilst submission didn’t guarantee entry I was confident it was up for a good chance. I also explained how the photo of J would only be submitted with the explicit permission of he parents. With the return of a signed model release.

Well that’s the update – with a bit of luck J and her family will be up for participating in the project. And then after that hopefully the photo will get selected for the book.

Say tuned…


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