The Ruins of Detroit

It’s like looking at the dead.

Kind of.

This site has some stunning imagery in it (thanks to Skip Chilcott for the link). It charts the decay of Detroit. Standing ruins. It appears they have a book with even more material in it.

Click the image or here;

Trontastic Daily

This is yesterday’s photo. But seeing as I didn’t publish it yesterday, or blog about it, I’m giving it priority over today’s photo. I prefer this one. You may beg to differ. If you do, comment!

I’m hoping SmugMug bring out a Windows Phone 7 app soon so I can upload from my phone vs. dealing with the work around(s) I’ve blogged about.

Couple that with the Nokia Lumia 900 and I’m very very excited indeed about continuing this project with my phone’s camera this year. It’s funny, I still plan on taking more photos with my 5D MKII but I’ve be lying if I said it’s not been nice to have a few “weeks off” the big guns. I use quotes as I have been using it for family photos just nothing that’s hit the dailies yet.