Got photo, can’t upload…

The app I’ve been using for Windows Phone 7 (Smug Seven) to upload dailies has stopped working. The dev Stephen Vanterpool said he only made $200 selling it this year. I’m not about to get an iPhone (I genuinely dig WP7). I am going to have to come up with a solution… I could upload with this WordPress wp7 app but not to my SmugMug galleries so that’s out. Until then I’ll have to do from PC after phone backs io over wireless. Ideas?

Emergency! 365 Project daily photo

Wow shooting mainly with my camera phone for this 365 Project is a forcing function to improve as a photographer. The low-fi forces focus on light and composition in a big way. This week I’ve exclusively been using my Samsung Focus Windows Phone 7 for my dailies to explore with this approach.

I technically already ‘failed’ in one of my objectives. Publishing every day. Oops.

What happened? Was it all bad?

As I sat in bed last night and wrote in my journal (coming up on 22 years!) I thought “Must publish that photo I took today.” Then I promptly forgot and went to sleep. I’m prepared to be a little soft on the ‘publish’ daily, on occasion. I’ll still aim for it though. Here’s yesterday’s photo;