2011 – 365 Project Retrospective & Final Photo

And… done! Wow. A year, gone, just like that. Final shot below. First some musings on the photo a day subject.

Seems like yesterday I started toying with the act of creating a daily photo project. A few lame photos around the house resulted in; “hmmm I wonder if this is going to work out”. Then I had a few personally enjoyable results and I shifted to gear; “Dag nam it I’m going to give this a shot”.

How did I get here?

I started taking photos frequently in 1999 with a compact digital camera. Prior to this I shot film, high days, holidays, vacations. It was just so expensive to buy and develop film. There was little creative feedback due to the often long time between shooting and processing. Oh and the vast number of awful shots. With digital that critical feedback loop became available to someone who wasn’t committed to being a photographer.

Creative Strain

As my professional life grew and demanded more time various other creative outlets ‘had to’ take a back seat. First my clarinet. Then 3D Modeling & Animation. Two Sci-Fi Novels later (here’s my first) I noticed photography was giving me the opportunity to have a creative outlet that didn’t require quite the same time commitment – writing is very rewarding but needs a consistent and constant time commitment. Literally you need to be spending at least 2 days a week writing for 2-3 hours to maintain narrative cohesion.

Then in 2004 I purchased my first DSLR. So much for film and developing being expensive. I’ve spent a  small fortune on Canon gear and glass these past eight years.

Then in 2011 I embarked on taking at least one photo every day.

Year (Photo ‘events’) # photos (rounded)*
1999 1,200
2000 2,300
2001 1,900
2002 1,400
2003 3,400
2004 (US Relocation) 6,700
2005 7,800
2006 7,600
2007 10,300
2008 (African Safar) 14,400
2009 (Son born) 13,200
2010 16,100
2011 19,700

*Compact + DSLR. Does not include cell phone photos

Some days I shot allot. Others I took but one. Shoot a wedding or two? Take other photos? Sure, and the 365 Project may have been fed by other events.

And here is the final shot

…next blog post I’ll answer the question regarding continuing in 2012.


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