365 Project – 3 days Left

I’m excited to finish my first ever 365 daily photo project. Should I continue into 2012? What do you think?

Last few weeks

It’s been surprisingly busy in our household over this winter break so I’ve not published any daily photos for just over two weeks – fret not they are taken just not yet developed. I’ll do some this evening.

So, will I continue in 2012?

I’m still debating that. At this point I’m leaning towards ‘yes’ but in a different form. So, what should I do?

My approach in 2011

Saw a focus on the “big guns” i.e. shooting with my big gear (Canon 5D MKII for all but a handful of shots). I exclusively shoot on that equipment in “RAW” (not processed in the camera). I then developed in the digital darkroom. All of which led to a considerable albeit worthwhile time commitment.

2012 a more down and dirty approach?

Perhaps including a more active role for my phone camera, and my pocket camera. I’m also considering the implications of publishing with this approach. In part due to the way I store my camera phone photos vs. my ‘main camera’ but also due to the mix of ‘glossy processing’ vs. ‘down and dirty’ on my workflow. If it makes workflow more complex it defeats the point.

Alternatively I could do the following;

Admit to wonderful project in 2011. Commit to take as many photos as possible. To carry my “big” camera with me most places I go (vs. almost everywhere in 2011!). This would then avoid both constraining myself to not having more than one photo per day in the ‘daily’s” (on those sweet multiple photo days) or forcing myself to have to do a photo every day (on those crazy busy career/day job days). It may open up an alternative creative perspective vs. that of ‘having to do a daily’. With art increased perspective is good.


I could feasible combine both approaches where the days I don’t make a concerted effort to make a glossy developed shot that I at least use a rudimentary camera to take something. Where I then publish what I want, when I want it in an un constrained manner. And still am committing to taking a photo every day.

Or I could just not bother

I don’t like that thought. I’ve really enjoyed the palpable growth I’ve experienced as a photographer this year and it just makes me want to shoot more, not less.

What do you think?

Have you done a 365 Project, did you stop after a year? Did you continue? What approach did you take? Click http://www.fluidpixel.com/ then ‘contact’ under the slideshow. Shoot me an email. Or hit me up @mattwoodget on twitter.


2 thoughts on “365 Project – 3 days Left

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  2. Oh wow, and I thought *my* project was tough… I’d suggest making a weekly commitment, and then trying to have quality over quantity. Your approach right now seems like so much work (and probably frustration) that I wonder – are you more concerned with the creative or the technical aspect.
    Definitely work more with you phone / compact camera, and just explore your creative self. And as you say, there’s days you want to do more and days you can’t do much – look at it as an opportunity, not as a problem.
    Congratulations on completing a whole 365 Project, and have an inspired and wonderful new year, whichever path you decide to take 🙂

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