Autumn & Photos

As the weather has continued to take a turn for the worse as the light fades and there are less opportunities for walks in the evenings the universe still provides plenty of opportunities to frame a segment of both space and time.

This week was the launch party of the photographers@Microsoft Vol. 3 book “Inspire” of which I mentioned before I’m a proud contributor. It’s really an honor to be along side so many other great photographers. Funnily enough as I browsed the photos I recognized a photo “hey, that’s min too”, almost… I had taken almost exactly the same shot of the Seattle Skyline. I’m pretty sure I did it before the photog in the book did and wonder if there was any cross pollination of ideas. To be fair it was a shot that one could easily make one very similarly. No disrespect to the photog but I prefer my framing, color balance and exposure better. Here’s mine.

I upgraded my watermark this week – to add a bit more artistic flair, my signature. What do you think?

Here’s one of my daily photos from the past week… a self portrait, of sorts.


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