Vision to Reality–365 Project Musings

I’ve been thinking about my 365 Project, it’s rather addictive. It’s designed to be of course. As I started on January 1 (you can start any day) I’ve been thinking about continuing the project next year. Do I give it a theme? I thought “a person every day” OK now that would be a serious challenge.

Then there is the part of me that thinks; I’ll stop the project officially but try take as many photos as possible. That could work, it would certainly take the pressure off vast amounts of editing and backlog and feeling guilty when I publish 10+ days of photos at once.

What do you think?

One thing is for sure, even just one year of the project has helped me grow enormously as a photographer – it’s been allot of fun. Listen to me talking as if it’s mid December.

And hey, look, some of the work is already published;

Here’s #276 “#88 Redux” That’s right yesterday’s photo was of Day #88’s effort as published in ‘Inspire’ by photographers@Microsoft.

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