Taking photos everyday isn’t easy

It feels like the past few weeks have been a bit ’slow’ on the daily photo front. Yesterday’s (a photo of my son at the Ballard Locks fish ladder) was #225 and at this point in the year three key things have been happening;

  1. I’m becoming more and more aware of my limitations and opportunity to grow as a photographer.
  2. I’m thinking more and more visually; I’m surprised I don’t bump into more things walking around with one eye closed (even without my camera). As it’s easier to get a true sense for the view from a lens if you get rid of stereoscopic vision
  3. I’m imagining what the 2012 daily challenge will be; perhaps everyday as a portrait. This is a rather scary thought considering the days where it approaches 11pm and I realize I’ve not got a photo for the day yet.


The next level of detail on number 2. A thought that comes to mind; in a National Geographic book of beautiful photos there is a mention on how photography is all about what is taken away. What isn’t included. The “frame” being the most important part of the picture. I let me mind wander on this; the physical frame (wood, metal, etc.), the act of ‘framing’ the photo, and the border of the photo after which nothing else is seen. I loved it and it really resonated with me.

I was glad to get the flash out this week and experiment with some water shots. After we bathed our son I had some ideas about ‘splash shots’. My first attempts that evening of a bulb (shutter open) shot with multiple flashes didn’t quite pan out > I’ll be working on that. Below was a good old fashioned moment in time shot. I love how the eyes poke out from under the water.

Click the ducky to jump to the rest of the past few weeks photos.

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