Influence is dead, long live ‘peer opinion leadership’

This article gives an overview of opinion leadership.  PeerInfluence digs into how with modern tools and methods we can actually measure the authority we have yet much of the basic “old world” logic remains. There are not shortcuts to building relationships say’s the article.

It also talks about focus. Oh no! I exclaimed to myself. For my personal social media engagements I “focus” on technology, Microsoft, photography, marketing and topics such as this.

First paragraph;

Influence is a term that is tossed around a lot in social media circles and is done so quite lightly. People pursue and grow their influence, brands want to leverage influencers and a new breed of tools strives to define influence and identify influencers. But influence has always been a slippery concept, defying easy definitions and metrics. To learn more, I interviewed Azeem Azhar, founder and CEO of PeerIndex (PI), a technology company that applies a scientific approach to the problem of influence. (If you’re not familiar with PI, you can check out my public PeerIndex profile here.)

My PI Profile

The whole article


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