Social Media is Dead: Long Live Common Sense

I found this to be a compelling story done in visual presentation form. It could be applicable to your photography business, any business or even your job at big business.

My take aways;

  • Brands are losing (or have lost) control of their message
  • The digital age led rise to the information revolution, information is horded and siloed (internally and externally for companies)
  • We are in the process of breaking down the barriers to information, releasing it
  • “Social” is a fundamental, it’s not Twitter or Facebook or a blog. Those are symptoms of social.
  • Social as a component of all our efforts as a business
  • Social is more than marketing
  • Location is fundamental to how we act and therefore how we market
  • You need a Social Business model, not just external “social efforts”
  • We need to release information to and empower our partners, customers and fans with it.
  • Risk is OK
  • Listen

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