Landscape Panorama for #365 Project

Life seems to have been inordinately busy of late. There was a close call a few weeks back on the 365 Project – but I’ve managed to persevere. It’s funny how there will be a terrible desperation shot one day then the next you are off on Whidbey Island in the San Juans for a weekend and you take so many pictures it’s almost painful to choose just one.

A photo I’m sharing below is from Sunday and is a panorama at Green Lake in Seattle. This popular waling trail ~3 miles around is just packed on beautiful days. We beat the crowds by going early and the broken clouds provided some beautiful views. Here’s what it looked like to me:

(Click on it to see it bigger, and take a look at a few other photos in the gallery whilst you are at it Smile)


2 thoughts on “Landscape Panorama for #365 Project

  1. Great shot, totall hear the shout about desperation shots, I think its a quirk of the project for everyone, certainly got me.

    Nephew days and various trips you can have hundreds, then one work day you are scrambling at 11:30pm trying to find inspiration.

    Love the project so far, so many different styles and techniques used!



    • Rob – thanks so much for your thoughts and feedback. I love it when what starts as a desperation shot result in a cascade of inspiration that results in something really enjoyable. – Matthew

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