“The entity with greater information freedom wins”

Thanks to @jer979 for the tip on this article. Fascinating stuff.

Read if you are interested in;

  1. Being ‘where its at’*
  2. The digital social revolution
  3. Evolution of our society
  4. Being what’s next, or at least hitching your wagon to it


Opening Paragraph

According to Elin Whitney-Smith, executives facing technological and economic change have a major decision to make: Will they handle disruption like the Spanish grandees who dominated the 17th-century economy or like the English weavers who supplanted them by embracing the printing press? This is only the sixth time since the dawn of civilization, says this long-wave theorist and economic historian, that human societies have faced a wave of change similar to the one that humanity is going through today. Each time, the disruption has been triggered by an innovation in information technology, which prompts a new form of organization. Today’s leaders have an advantage over the old guard in the five previous waves of change: They can see what’s happening more clearly. But whether they will heed the lessons of the past remains to be seen.

Read on: A Long-Wave Theory on Today’s Digital Revolution

*If you read the article you may decide the wording “being a survivor” is more fitting.


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