Album Review Foo Fighters – Wasting Light

A review of the upcoming Foo Fighters album by a close friend and huge Foo fan Ian Bailey. English spelling preserved Smile

  1. Bridge Burning – quality opener, really heavy just how every Foo’s album opens but there’s something so explosive about this one
  2. Rope – really tight first single, very clever and includes a great guitar and drum solo that I love, like they’ve incoporated the live act in to a song
  3. Dear Rosemary – Really catchy tune, love the beat
  4. White limo – Sabotage-esque !!
  5. Arlandria – the quiet/heavy dynamic is in full effect here
  6. These days – love the lyrics, about life and death
  7. Back & Forth – probably my least fav song on the album but still ok
  8. A matter of time – this is so catchy and really poppy, love this !!
  9. Miss the misery – really heavy guiter riffs very Alice in Chains like
  10. I should have known – probably my favourite track on the album, stunning, defo about Kurt I reckon
  11. Walk – Ending on a postive note “I never wanna die”, definitely my favourite closing song since “new way home” on the colour and the shape.


All in all equally as good if not better than the Colour and the Shape which I thought they’d never manage to better.

Highlights: I should have known and These days

Low point: Back and Forth


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