Facebook + Outlook = privacy issue ?

I use Outlook 2010 so I get to see people’s details; emails we’ve shared, meetings, SharePoint activity and externally LinkedIN and Facebook activity in the Outlook Social Connector pane (see below screen shot). 

For example my view of me is below, I didn’t want to violate anyone’s privacy and showing myself didn’t show as rich an experience (e.g. Facebook updates have a Facebook icon next to them).

Well I’ve started to notice a few people on mailing lists at work where I can see far more info about them than you’d think I should be able to – we’re not connected on facebook for example. But we are in the same network, I’m sure that’s having something to do with it (and them using their work email on their facebook account) because other people outside of work I’m not seeing anything.

So jury is still out on whether this is a security issue for Facebook – but for the time being you might want to reconsider your ‘networks’ security privileges on facebook.

I was able to look at some guys personal photo he posted, after loading it I couldn’t’ go ‘back to album’ and I couldn’t see his photos from his profile on facebook (again we’re not even connected).



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