Street Photography

I read a good article on “up close and candid” street photography the other day on my Windows Phone (Samsung Focus) whilst waiting for a table at a restaurant as my family enjoyed the pet store next door. I digress.

I really like the concept of shooting from the hip, getting the candid shots. Something you really don’t get from holding the camera up and pointing it at someone.

Technique: I found the relative quiet of the supermarket required and a short sharp ‘cough’ as I hit the shutter helped to keep my camera secret. Also my 50mm is too tight and its hard to aim, need to get a 35mm prime me thinks.

Strap: Having an Optech USA strap slung bandolier style in reverse (so the lens normally points down) and one (two is too long) extension gives me the ability to do this. My Optech wrist strap would work too, but if out on a long walk you will appreciate the neck strap.


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