Cloud on a chip?

What are your thoughts on how the maturing of this Intel cloud on a chip technology will affect the cloud business model. Esp. when you consider the following;

· Data processing power

· Modeling & Graphics power

· Ability to have massive scalability on one client/server

· Limitations and cost of wide of pipes for business (residential is already highly limited even in more advanced urban/city areas)

How long until a data center can be shrunk onto a chip? And then what can we do with data centers, as we’d be able to build data centers made out of dozens of these (replacing the virtualized 2-8 core servers that exist today).

“Intel Labs has created an experimental “Single-chip Cloud Computer,” (SCC) a research microprocessor containing the most Intel Architecture cores ever integrated on a silicon CPU chip – 48 cores. It incorporates technologies intended to scale multi-core processors to 100 cores and beyond, such as an on-chip network, advanced power management technologies and support for “message-passing.”

Architecturally, the chip resembles a cloud of computers integrated into silicon.


One thought on “Cloud on a chip?

  1. It sounds interesting, but I think Intel is simply jumping on the cloud wagon. There are cpus that already have lods of cores, like the cell processors. I think the amount of cores race is the same as the GHz hype that we’ve seen in the late 90s and early this century. the more cores do not necessarily mean more power/performance 😉

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