Shooting 100% manual, Canon Custom Modes & Image Bit Depth Weirdness

I am shooting almost entirely in manual mode now. Setting my AV+TV based on the situation. At first it was super difficult, and I still find myself a bit slower to ‘change modes’ i.e. change any AV+TV settings. I’ve found the results to be very pleasing. The main reason seems to be I tend to overexpose as much as possible without blowing the highlights, I used to try that with AV and exposure bias, now it seems to come much more naturally. This results in capturing allot more info that can be helpful later in lightroom, I’ve found

I also finally figured out how to set the C1, C2, C3 modes. Mine are “maximum light sensitivity” i.e. widest aperture possible, 3200 ISO, no noise reduction etc. etc. “Airplane Crash” mode i.e. super-fast 64000 TV, AV stopped down to f9, rapid fire, AI servo etc. etc. and “HDR” – which is set up for a base line then depending on lighting situations requires cranking up or down the TV+AV settings.

Incidentally I found a limit to the sensor of the Canon 5D MKII, or so I think. Unless something else odd is going on, and I’ve thoroughly checked my color spaces, graphics card settings and I calibrate my monitor – but I took some HDR of a grey pole with a bright purple light on and the +EV shot shows major blow outs in the highlights, as if the monitor is set to 8bit vs. 16bit. To add to the mystery I find that doing recovery in lightroom just ‘moves’ the blow out around from one set of highlights to another, all due to this light. It is most strange! My assumption is the sensor just couldn’t handle the color depth with the wavelength of the particular light on the material of the pillar… maybe a 32bit or 64bit color space would? I forget what the MKII’s is, but it’s pretty high… (might be Digic chip vs. sensor issue too). Oh, and the JPEG looks “fine”… this is a “problem” with the RAW CR2 file.

Let me know if you have a solution…



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