Today’s To-Do List vs.. Being creative

I know there is stuff I need to do on it. People to get back to. Actions to close.

But what’s happening? I’m not processing it (by the way I did on Tuesday, big time).

I’m finding my self pulled in the free form creative direction, communicating with people on IM to explore possible solutions to non-specific problems… Luckily this relates to something big I’m working on. But the actually action itself isn’t on my to-do list. And of course documenting this in my blog…

So is it OK to do “it”, to prioritize “it”? Because that is what I’m finding myself doing.

Answer = I think yes it is OK. We can’t always work from the confines of a to-do list. We are inherently creative beings. We are not robots processing lines of ticker tape or code.

Feel free to be creative, just make sure you are also tending the fires.

Maybe the above is obvious… either way it seemed worth blogging briefly about (in less than 2 min).


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