ProFlowers & EasySaver Rewards Unauthorized charges / Scam?

We just identified an odd, relatively small amount per month on our credit card bill $14.95 – After some digging we discovered the “Encore Marketing” billing was in fact “EasySaver Rewards” – something we never signed up for.

We use one email account for all subscriptions and a simple search showed we had no “paper work” or membership information from them. And no surprise, without member login information you can view virtually no content on their site.

A quick Bing search showed us this link with people who have had similar experiences.

So we ascertain that it was after buying flowers for a loved one that we seem to have been signed up for something we never agreed too or wanted. We, like those on the complaints board bought through

My suggestion – based on our experience and the apparently large number of similar ones that it would be best to steer clear of Also, watch out for dubious or oddly worded agreements that get you singed up for things you don’t expect, need or want. And most importantly check that credit card bill for questionable charges.

The Better Business Bureau Rating of D+ for this company and some details; – I noted the ‘identity’ and ‘protect your card’ related alternate business names. Which for me told a potentially deeper story of a company praying on people trying to protect their online identities and credit. IMHO this really is shameful “business practice” trying to make a fast buck any way possible.

The BBB that will handle your complaint is:BBB of Metro Washington DC & Eastern Pennsylvania
(Washington, DC)
1411 K St. NW, 10th Floor
Washington, DC 20005-3404
Phone: (202)393-8000
Fax: (202)393-1198


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