What’s your Philosophy on Productivity?

Here is my take on it: Time is all we really have. The less time we SPEND processing & administering our lives the more creative, adventurous or skilled we can become.

Please post your comments on your philosophy!

I’ve been thinking about this allot and the aforementioned crystallization of my current answer to this question came to me as I worked on my presentation for the Convergence 2010 conference in Atlanta next week.

I’m presenting on Unified Communications and I’m going to ask the audience about how the people in their company spend their time, how much is in processing queues of CRM requests and how could they shorten that cycle? The intended result; ideas on how to give time back to their employees to spend on innovating for their company.

I think this is why I find Inbox to Zero with Microsoft Office 2010 such a compelling approach. A 5 min podcast is available on YouTube here.


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