Simple Windows Mobile Backup & Transfer w/o carrier Data usage

Thanks to @bergasonic for his help on this.

Help yourself, a loved one or a friend save calendar, task, and most importantly contacts (and more) from one Windows mobile when moving to another.

Best told in my story:

My wife got a new phone. We don’t have a data package so didn’t want to use MyPhone (which is cool) to sync. I also didn’t want to “mess up” her phone or my Outlook by synching with the Mobile Device center in Windows 7.

The fix:

  1. Create a new profile Control Panel > Mail > Profile
  2. Throw in some placeholder info
  3. Tell that new profile to be the default for Outlook
  4. Start Outlook
  5. Connect old phone via USB and run Mobile Device center
  6. Disconnect old phone
  7. Connect new phone and sync.

You will successfully transfer data off of the old phone, onto the new outlook profile, then onto the new phone with ease.

Note: If the phone was for some reason even partially synced with your normal outlook profile use the device manager to delete the old phone profile


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