Does Collaboration Kill Innovation?

I thought this was an excellent article about a very interesting looking book. If I can get through the good reads family gave me for xmas then I’ll put this on the list.

“On the one hand we want to avoid physical work and instead benefit from intellectual property. On the other hand, we’re undermining intellectual property so that information can roam around for nothing, or more precisely as bait for advertisements. That’s a formula that leaves no way for our nation to earn a living in the long term.”

The article gives some insight into how the book appears to take on things like “Open” [source, etc.], the concept of “free” and advertising based economies. It appears to attack them quite thought provokingly. Raising concerns with where we are going and the potential bleak future of innovation.

Here is the article; Wall Street Journal Article on “You are not a gadget” by Jaron Lanier

This following quote from the article may allude to these issues being even more pervasive in our modern western culture than what we trade in our economy.

“I don’t want our young people aggregated, even by a benevolent social-networking site. I want them to develop as fierce individuals, and to earn their living doing exactly that. When they work together, I hope they’ll do so in competitive, genuinely distinct teams so that they can get honest feedback and create big-time innovations that earn royalties, instead of spending all their time on crowd-pleasing gambits to seek kudos. This is not just so that they and their children will thrive, but so that they won’t become a mob, which, as history has shown us again and again, is a vulnerability of human nature.”


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