Gripe: Credit Card junk mail

Credit card junk mail is enough of a time suck and pain as it is. We always recycle – as tempting as it is to send it back to them, that takes slightly more time. This morning Capital One took the biscuit however by putting a reminder to recycle on the envelope.

Are they finding that their junk is going to land fills and want to be good stewards of the environment? So feel they should remind people to recycle?

Here’s a suggestion: don’t send people junk in the first place. If I want a credit card I’ll go online, do my research and sign up there. I understand there are still some people who don’t use the internet. How about figuring out if your targets do first (their demographic might be a starting point).

Please, stop sending me junk.

This blog post took me as long to write as opening, separating the personal info, shredding that, recycling the rest as approximately pieces of junk mail from three credit card companies. Some of this morning’s culprits;

Capital One Card

Visa Signature

American Express

Discover Card


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