Windows Live Mail, Hotmail & Custom Domains

A quick & easy 3 step guide to setting up Windows Live Mail with a custom domain that is powered by Hotmail. This helps when you use your domain provider to set up MX or CNAME records to point to Hotmail so you can do things like

I recently did a rebuild of my work and home machines with Windows 7 RC. In the process I had to set up WLM with my email address. When I originally set these up on Vista I was successful but for some reason had forgotten the exact, correct steps. I did searches on how to set up WLM with a custom domain that is powered by Hotmail for your email. I found many guides on setting up POP3 and SMTP which I followed. Every time they worked to a degree, downloading mail, but never fetching my custom folders or getting my junk email setting right.

The solution was deathly simple. I must have had the insight/luck in my Vista set up to just choose it on accident. With all the POP3 guidance I received after searching I didn’t even give this a shot until much later on!

Step 1 – Click add email account in WLM


Step 2 – Put in your basic info & hit “Next”, you shouldn’t have to check "Manually configure…”. It should force that any way.


Step 3 – Select HTTP, everything else will grey out. Hit “Next” and you are done!



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