Responsible Wealth | United for a Fair Economy

There is allot of debate about tax law and the rich getting richer in the US right now. And with a general election in November there is opportunity for change.

Some articles like this one not only have ideas on how to fix it but also paint a pretty dire picture of the future if something isn’t done, fast.

As an expat living in the US I did notice amongst all the cafuffle between Democrats and Republicans that supporters of the later seem to think that the former will simply ‘hike taxes’. Seems that isn’t the case at all, and in some candidates cases would be a re-tooling that involve increases in some areas but decreases in others.

As always, reading manifestos and being informed will always trump relying on blind faith and sound bites.

Oh, and if you like taxes. How about the Estate Tax? Interesting perspective here: The Morality of the Estate Tax

The link below goes to Responsible Wealth, a group of rich chaps and chapesses who are focused on a fair economy. Interesting stuff.

Responsible Wealth | United for a Fair Economy


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