Muse, Key Arena, Seattle, WA, USA September 9th 2007

It’s really hard to describe how fantastic this show was. Until last night the best gig I’d ever been to was Muse’s 2004 Glastonbury festival performance. With last night they didn’t necessarily top it, rather they continued on with a powerful trend. 


Body shaking drums. Penetrating base line. Wide ranging, singing guitar and epic piano’s. All wrapped up with just enough synth and electronica to bring the mesh together. Not that they needed the later with the confidence and execution of the three primary instruments and of course not forgetting the fourth and equally important voice of Matthew Bellamy. The stage is also worthy of a mention – far from over done, and done just right it added a visual delight to the atmosphere of the night.


The show was superb, it grew and built throughout from an opening with Knights Of Cydonia to the pre-encore finish with Plug-in Baby before returning for a thirty minutes starting with Take a Bow. Deftly introduced with a quote from J.F.K. which if wasn’t intended to cause a politically charged response then I don’t know what would have done. My suspicions regarding the lyrics for Take a Bow and its message were confirmed last night.


Muse are three very talented musicians at the top of their game. Seamless performances with enough rock and jamming to prove they know those instruments better than most of us know how to breath. Despite all this power there is a humbleness that emanates from them each of them. A quiet confidence that can only be wrought by really knowing what you are doing and having a respect for each other and your audience.


Thank you Muse and your crew for putting on such a spectacular show. Keep doing what you do and I look forwards to many more performances and albums in the future.


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